Posted on 30-Dec-2019

Ninindi Johnstone: Appreciation Foundation

Personalized songs are unique songs written specifically for any occasion, cause, business or person you choose.

Example of a 60 year wedding anniversary Personalised Song -

"Ninindi is a talented musician and songwriter who captures the soul and essence of people's feelings and expresses that in her music. A great talent!!” - Jeff Mustard

"I recommend Ninindi's custom love songs as it is an awesome opportunity to express your feelings and love for someone in this special and unique way.
Now that’s I’ve experienced Ninindi's custom love song, my life is amplified with love" -
Maree Reidel

"Ninindi is super creative, as in she has a superpower - and it’s creativity.
Ninindi was able to capture the essence of how I felt at the time and meld it into a song.
Ninindi personalized songs are a personal service Ninindi provides that captures your heart and captivates an audience. Simply put a memorable experience.
Just book her. She will blow you away with what she can produce.
You might have an idea but Ninindi will have the answer. Her voice is powerful and harmonic straight out of heaven." - Douglas Wilson
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